Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

Top Ten Tuesday: hosted by the Broke and the Bookish Blog

1. Too many books, so little time:

As a university student, I’m always working on something for school. This makes me really frustrated that I don’t have more time to read. There are so many books to read and I have so little time. It makes my mouth fly off and makes mothers cover the ears of their children. The language that flies out of my mouth on any given day is astonishing, even to me.

2. Books I want to read vs. Advanced Readers Copies:

In all honesty, I actually prefer to read books that have been out for years. Don’t misunderstand me, getting to read books ahead of time is great and I’m so glad I’m given the chance. But, there are so many books to read that have been out for a long time that I haven’t read. I’ve now made it a rule (curtesy of speaking with fellow book bloggers) that I need to read so many ARCs in order to read a random-me-read.

3. Not enough time for THE 100

I don’t why I haven’t mentioned this show more, but dear mother of god this show is the mother ship of all good shows. This show has made it very hard to keep on track of reviewing books and bloggish things. It’s very difficult not to binge this show. I would match it up to Buffy in terms of emotion and pain, although it is very different in terms of the characters and plot.

4. Too many books, not enough ka-ching!

The problem with the book obsession is that there’s always a pile of books you want at any given time. It’s like a black hole and you can’t escape. The book obsession is something we all know, as avid readers and book bloggers, we have to be very careful about. If we look away for a second, we could be eating beer and chips for the rest of the month.

5. Loving a book and then needing every edition possible

I don’t usually need every edition, but in certain cases a book becomes an all time favorite. For example, even though I have the hardcovers of Harry Potter from when I grew up for some insane reason I want that really expensive newly illustrated set. Let me give you a clue: THIS MAKES ME INSANE. It is also makes me forever a part of the book blogging community.

6. No one understands my attachment to the book community

Only other book bloggers and readers in this community understand the obsession. It’s always weird explaining that you review books online and that you’ve actually made close friends with these people. I love this book community. It’s weird, crazy, beautiful, and FULL OF CAPSLOCKS AND GIFS.

7. Reading Book Series in Order

Iย knowย I’m not the only one here who’s a psycho about reading series in order. Even with books that don’t focus on the same characters, I’m OCD about reading them in order. I’m not as bad now, but I still have that need to know the entirety of the story; even if it’s just a character’s backstory.

8. Buying Books I know I’m never going to read

I like to think I’m going to read every book I buy, but then for whatever insane reason I don’t. It is to this day a mystery to me and family members. They just sit there and I tell myself I’m going to read it and then….I don’t.

9. Reading a book halfway and then dropping it

This is the unknown place between “I’m reading it” and the ever feared DNF (did not finish). It’s when you tell yourself you’re just putting it down for now (a big fat wad of a lie) and that you’re going to pick it up after reading a couple other books. You are not going to read it. Never Ever Ever Ever Ever. Yet, there that book mark stays for years and years. This is my biggest problem to date.

10. Where to put this big pile of books?

This is most definitely one of the largest problems book readers have. Where do we put all these books? Because we buy so many books, we are ever running out of room for the new books. I have to be really creative in where I put my books. Most are on shelves, but some are under my bed, in dresser drawers, and on tables. This could go on and on.


18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

    • Brigid says:

      It’s like sophie’s choice. WHAT DO I CHOOSE? But, the good thing is creating rules for yourself helps. It allows less stress. Then, once you finish the arcs you needed to finish, you can pick up a pleasure read.

  1. Maya says:

    This post is so awesome- I was basically saying “Amen!” to everything here;)
    I wish we all had more time to read! There should be a set day of the week or month in which school/uni/work is cancelled so that people can go home and read:D
    I love The 100 too!- I just started it and wow it’s so addicting! Bellamy’s character development is beautifully done and Clarke is such a strong and admirable character:)
    I wish I could not worry about how much a book costs when I buy it:(
    I really want the special Harry Potter boxed set with illustrations by Kazu Kibuishi- it’s magical:) – I think it’s the same one you’re talking about and it’s so beautiful ugh. But I already have the books so I must resist… for now;)
    I hate when I know I’m giving up on a book- and that bookmark starts to feel at home somewhere in the middle of the book…:P
    Great post!
    Maya @

    • Brigid says:

      YESSSSS. I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. If I were Aladdin and I had a genie, this would be my wish. That or read books forever and have an endless supply of italian coffee.

      It is like when I first started Buffy. I’m taking it slow now because otherwise I would be watching that show and then I would have to drop my classes. Not an option.

      Yes. I usually don’t like multiple editions, but I WANT THAT ONE. It’s beautiful. They chose a great illustrator. Mary Grandpre’s illustrations will always be my all-time favorites, but if they had to redo them he would be the one to do it.

      I hate to DNF. It’s an awful feeling. I especially hate to DNF an arc. So, what happens? I put it down and it never gets picked up again. I’m fantastic at making false promises.

      • Maya says:

        If I had a genie so many of my wishes would be book related (and some coffee never hurt;))! In fact, Coffee + books = perfection;)
        Or can you imagine if there was a hallway with an endless amount of doors and in every door there was a different fictional world from books you love!:D

        I haven’t watched Buffy yet but I really ought to! That’s a smart idea. I always procrastinate schoolwork with tv shows and books.

        The Harry Potter edition is just so magical and it’s like having a little bit of that world for ourselves:'( Her illustrations are classic!

        I hate to DNF too because then I feel like I’ve wasted my time:(
        Anyway lovely blog as usual:)

  2. barefootmegz says:

    Ooooh yes. I agree with most of yours! Except needing every edition of a book. I’m actually quite okay only having one edition ๐Ÿ˜‰ ARCs are also starting to be a problem for me. I think sometimes my eyes are too big for my stomach and I request ALL THE EGALLEYS and then don’t have time to read my own books. Definitely need to learn some self-control ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Brigid says:

      Self control is a need when you review, especially depending on how much time you have on your hands. You need to make some rules for yourself, and mine is I have to read so many arcs in order to read a me book.

    • Brigid says:

      Me too. But, I don’t think that’ll do it. There needs to be some sort of magical bookshelf that defies physics.

      I refuse to DNF. Unless it truly is bad and I just can’t anymore. It just sits there with false promises that I will get back to it.

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