Five Star Review: Crushed by Eliza Crewe

Meda’s back. This time she has a friend.

The battle is over; the choice has been made. Meda Melange has officially hung up her monstrous mantle and planted her feet firmly on the holy and righteous path of a Crusader-in-training. Or, at least, she’s willing to give it a shot. It helps that the Crusaders are the only thing standing between her and the demon hordes who want her dead.

The problem is, the only people less convinced than Meda of her new-found role as Good Girl are the very Crusaders she’s trying to join. So when a devilishly handsome half-demon boy offers escape, how’s a girl supposed to say “no?”

After all, everyone knows a good girl’s greatest weakness is a bad boy.

Euphoria should have been the title of this book. Seriously, I had an incurable state of euphoria. There was no end. It still lingers.

I’m going to steal this phrase from the Aussies:

This is my jam. This book is completely my jam.

I would’ve rather jammed a giant poker in my eye than admit that this book is better than the first. I would’ve done it. No way that Crushed could be better than Cracked. YOU LIE KHANH, YOU LIE!!!!

*she says while pointing her nose up in defiance*

Ass handed.

But now, having read this brilliant and Napoleonic epic-ness of great Young Adult literature, I can fairly say I was wrong.

Our darling Meda suffers greatly after the events of Cracked. They tell her what to do all the time. She’s seen as a monster. Given, she is one. Not such a shocker, truly. However a certain fella we met in book one shows up. As the plot moves along, Meda and Jo’s complex relationship falls into chaos. Meda soon comes to realize things about her self. She grows so much in this one book. Character growth always becomes a hard sell for readers, but this book lies amongst one of those books with excellent character development.

Meda does confidence right: she’s smart, interesting, kickass, and sure of herself. But, she does it without being vain and annoying. I don’t know how. Eliza Crewe must have some magic curse where she’s able to figure these things out.

Crewe is a magician. I’m almost sure of it.

Meda’s a killer. There’s no questioning it. Straight up, she’s a bloody chick. And…she doesn’t do a guilt trip about it either. She’s sick of being controlled by the Crusaders. She’s wants freedom. She wants to eat junk food and be able to hand people’s Asses up front and center. Preferably on a pedestal.

She may or may not have ended herself in a kindergarten glass. She’s a class act, this chick.

So you’ve probably read many other reviews by now and you may have been wondering “is there romance in the second?”

Yes, yes there is. While there may be romance, Meda doesn’t become the foolish girl who falls in love with the bad boy. Oh you can bet there’s drooling. Because the great thing about Meda is that she doesn’t shy away from her feelings when she’s attracted to someone. She appreciated the male specimen. She thinks first, though. She’s always sure he’s up to something, mainly plotting to get into her pants. Smart girl.

You can love a monster, it can even love you back, but that doesn’t change its nature. This isn’t Beauty and the Beast where my kiss would transform the monster into a prince. If anything, it’s Shrek, and his kiss brings out the ogre in me.

Do not be afraid that there’s a slight romantic relationship in this novel. It’s a slow burn and it builds gradually. Meda can kick his ass any day, he knows it and more importantly she knows it.

“Hero?” I roll my eyes. “You’re an agent…”
“…of evil,” he finishes. “I know, I know. But we’re all the heroes in our own little dramas,” he says smoothly.
I laugh. “And what role do I play in your little drama?”
“Unwitting dupe.”
“Hm. Looks like I’m gonna kill you sooner than I thought.”

But oh the tingly emotions I felt while reading this. I kept sending messages to my friend Kat involving lots of these !!!!!!!!

I laughed so much in this book. It doesn’t happen often where I’ll laugh out loud while reading. The quotes in this book? They kept building up in greatness. I don’t know which ones to choose. But here are a few that I loved more than most.

Get him! My hormones scream.
Don’t fall for it, my brain cautions.
Pretty! They whine. Stupid hormones.
Calm down, hormones. We are just pumping him-(really brain, you chose the word pumping?)-for information. He is literally evil. We need to keep our distance.
A pause.
Get him!

Not things that bump. Bumps are clumsy and inelegant. They are sounds made by creatures not at home in the darkness. I don’t bump. I crunch in the night. I crack;I splatter;I splash. But I never, ever bump.

I’m utterly surprised that I actually liked the romantic parts in this book. But Meda is just so smart. She knows what she’s getting herself into. It doesn’t dominate the book, either. I want to read everything by this woman now. I want to know what happened with that ending. I’m internally screaming right now. I will be stalking book three’s release date, most respectively.

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