3 Star Review: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels takes on were-dolphins, eels, and dragon-like creatures in Magic Rises. She also kicks ass while her legs are essentially useless:

“What the fuck,” Hugh snarled. “Look at her, she’s half-dead. She isn’t even on her last leg. She can’t fucking stand and she’s cutting you down like you’re children.”

No other heroine does it like Kate Daniels. She’s tough, sarcastic to boot, and has a heart of ice; except when it involves His Furriness.
Magic Rises changes things in the world of Kate Daniels. Kate and Curran go through something in this book that will raise a lot of reader’s eyebrows. It’s not surprising, per say, but it definitely will test reader’s love for the beast lord. There are intensely sad parts, infuriating parts, and sweet parts in this novel.

It amazes me how much mythology and lore that team Andrews fills into their novels, and this one is no different. We get to meet new creatures and new history. We even get fed more information about Kate’s father from people who knew him. Some of my favorite parts in this series are the mythology segments that Ilona Andrews weaves throughout the novels.


Kate and Curran have taken on another job, but not without their reasons. They’ve been asked to protect wolf princess Desandra, who’s in danger of being killed as a territorial dispute between two packs. Kate and Curran, obviously wouldn’t taken this job willy nilly. There’s something they want: Panacea.

Produced by European shape shifters, who guarded it like gold. The Pack had been trying to reverse engineer it for years and had gotten nowhere. The herbal mixture reduced chances of loupism at birth by seventy-five percent and reversed biotransformation in one third of teenagers.

Kate and Curran head across the Black Sea, to Georgia, with some of their most trusted Pack members to kick some werewolf butt. But when they get there not only do the packs resent their presence, but Desandra wants them out. The chick is the epitome of a doormat.Even Aunt B says it herself, if that tells you anything. They find her laying around her room in her own smells.

But in addition to the rotten smelling wolf princess, there’s someone there they know. Someone they’ve met before. Kate and Curran start to realize nothing on this job is a coincidence. There’s a connection between Kate and the Lord of the castle.

Every fucking shape shifter in the castle see’s Kate as weak and human. Fools. They see nothing of the warrior that Kate had been melded into.


The plot was one thing after another. I never felt bored or exhausted of nothing happening. Often authors go on and on for chapters, without anything happening. More than once will this kind of thing make my imitate see red. This is one thing I love about Ilona Andrews. They never leave anything in the novel that doesn’t need to be in there. The book is never longer than it should be, and I appreciate that. I want the story straight-forward and to the point. I want to enjoy the ride, but I also don’t want to be invited to read things I don’t need to know.

Kate and Curran:

These two have become iconic amongst fans. No one mentions kick-ass without mentioning Kate. No one mentions sexy beast without mentioning Curran. But together, these two make other well known kick ass couples look like wimps. You can be sure by the end of the novel these two will be tumbling in their own blood and still survive.
Kate is put through hell by Curran and not in a way I’m happy about.

The anger and hurt inside me crystallized into an icy cage. I hid inside it, using it as my armor. Whatever punches Jarek Kral threw at me, they wouldn’t breach it. The ice was too thick.

I wanted to fucking kick the beast in the nuts. But….I’m glad Kate punched him for me. And the great thing is that he knows he fucking deserved it. She was absolutely in the right.

“I don’t want to go anywhere. I love you. You love me. We’re together. We’re a team.”

Suddenly my emotions sorted themselves out and anger finally ran to the front of the pack. “No, we’re not a team. You made me a patsy in your scheme. You treated me like I’m an idiot…”

I’m so grateful that Kate didn’t buy into his speech. She’s rational. Even though she loves him, she see’s things clearly. Most heroines would walk the blind walk of relationship death into his arms.

And yet…as much as Curran fucked up, they’re perfect for each other. I’m not saying I think Curran deserves forgiveness because I don’t think he’s earned it at this point. I think it’ll take a huge reason for that to happen.

“I can’t change who I am,” I told him. “Neither can you. I get it.
“I love you and you love me, and we’re both too fucked up for anyone else. Who else would have us?”
I sighed. “Well, clearly we’re both crazy and this relationship is doomed.”

I second this.

The Setting:

On behalf of Gagra, I’m here to extend the hospitality of my beautiful city to you,” Hibla said. “Gagra welcomes you with all its warmth, its lakes and waterfalls, its beaches and orchards. But be forewarned, if you come here with violent intentions, we will leave your corpses for the crows.

*cough cough* foreshadowing.

For the first time Kate and Curran go on a road trip to a distant land. I love it when books are set outside of the ‘states. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like it to. There are books set in Britain, but that really gets dull after a while. How often do you get an urban fantasy novel set in Georgia (the country, not the state)? I thought the setting was a very unique touch to the novel.

The History:

Not many readers may be interested in the history and ‘lore detail of the novel, but I am. I’ve always loved the snippets and gems that the authors put into their books on history, mythology, or the creatures of their world.

“My father, my real father, walked the planet thousands of years ago, when the magic flowed full force. Back then he was a king, a conquerer, and a wizard. He was very powerful and he had some radical ideas about how a society should be structured…”


I was both happy with the way this book turned out, as well as disappointed with Curran’s relationship stupidity. I’m interested to see where their relationship goes from here.

And last but not least, my favorite thing: Kate’s blood armor. That girl.

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