4 Star Review: Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

I’ll put it simply: I love this series to pieces. A lot of my friends, here on Goodreads, hate hate HATE this series. I could fucking care less. I love Charley. She’s snarky, hilarious, and could care a fuck what other people think of her. She’s got her girl bud Cookie to back her up, except when in comes to stealing coffee. I love that there’s girl friendships in this series. There are no cat fights or slut shaming. I’m so happy about that! I’m a hard core coffee addict. Just one of the things I love about Charley. Above all else, we must have our coffee.

“How many cups of coffee have you had today?”
I counted on my fingers before remembering they should remain on the steering wheel at all times while driving. “Seven,” I said, swerving to narrowly miss a horrified pedestrian.
“Just seven?”
“And twelve-halves.”
“Oh, well, that’s not bad. For you.”


Anyways, Charley is in trouble with Reyes. The son of Satan. Yep, she grounded him. No, not like grounding a child. As in she grounded him in his physical form, so he can’t do the weird ghost thing he always does. He’s pissed off. But, more importantly Charley has another murder to solve. Bet that shocked ya! No way, another murder to solve for Charley.

Davidson has taken on a case to find the wife of a worried husband. Charley knows, without any clear proof I might add, that he’s 100% guilty. Not that I blame her because he was really overselling it.

Miss Davidson goes on her way talking to people, gathering information, having wild hot dream sex, drinking coffee, talking to crazy ghosts, and having more coffee to find the mysterious woman who may or may not be dead. But while on the case, Mr. Dream Man Reyes decides to escape from jail. But that’s not my issue here, it’s what happens after. He does something kinda threatens Charley and the people she loves. To a lot of people, Charley is off the wall annoying as shit. But I like her, and I say she did NOT deserve that. Douche. He went beyond what was okay. I understand that Reyes wanted her to help him, but threatening both her life and the people she loves was too much. Man, that dude just straight out does not trust people.


Charley grim reaper extraordinaire,

I strode toward Mr. Coffee with lust in my eyes. We’d had a thing for quite some time now, Mr. Coffee and I, and there was just enough of him left for one more cup. No need to make a fresh pot, to get him all hot and bothered.

I love an MC with a good dose of snark. Makes them all the more reliable, in my opinion. Charley’s a smart girl, but some times she’s more trusting than what’s in her best interest. For example, she seems to trust Reyes won’t threaten her. But he will. Oh, you can fucking bet despite his innate sexiness that he will threaten your measly life. Even the Grim Reaper, along comes C. Davidson.

However Charley changes a lot in this book. She goes through a lot of drama that opens her eyes. She realizes that Reyes really does not fucking trust her at all. Close family members even test that trust. By the end of the novel, you’ll be anticipating for the next book. Particularly since Charley gets a wake up call from her supernatural side. She’s going to make decisions. What happens in this novel changes her and thus it will change the actions of those surrounding her. Some have betrayed her. I see a big ass wave coming ashore.


When I read the first book and realized the author had named the MC’s best friend’s name after a pastry, I flipped. Cookie? Isn’t that something an erotic romance writer would name some random stripper?! What the hell. But I’ve come around to the name. I think Cookie is friggin’ awesome. I’m not a mother, but I appreciate that the author made her one. I side with Charley with the idea that children are scary and creepy. But I like that Jones has depicted a mom within her novels who’s not a stereotypical plot device.


1. The man is sexy
2. Does not trust people, especially Charley.
3. Fire, fire, fire
4. Knife, he likes knifes.


I would love to see more supernatural happenings in the next book. As much as I liked this book, I would’ve liked to see more supernatural plot next time. I understand why there wasn’t because Charley needed to grow in this book. She needed to experience trauma in order to wake up her other side. But the reason this book turned out to be average for me was the thing that Reyes did. I was not okay with that. It’s not like I expect him to trust her. But I felt he went way over the line into “bastard get out of my face” territory.

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